Time to get back in gear

So I just realized that it has been quite some time since we have updated our blog.

I suppose it stems from the disappointment of our first craft show, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. We’re still crafting, we just haven’t been doing quite as much as we had been, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. I did finish a large cross stitch that I had been working on for what felt like forever, and I’m on another one now that I started quite some time ago as well. I figured I might as well start practicing the art of finishing what I start!

I also came up with a good idea for a product today that I hope will be both useful and popular! I’m not quite ready to reveal it yet (still testing and refining), but hopefully it won’t be much longer!

Just keep an eye here, on our Facebook page, and on our Etsy store!

– Phillip