New Product Spotlight: Beards!

I can’t promise that this will be something that will be done on a regular basis, but I thought I would take a few moments to highlight a new item that we are adding to our inventory. Yes, it is the crocheted beard.

I’ve actually gotten the formula down very well for my face, and I’m working on getting them in other sizes too, because everyone loves to see a baby with a beard! Needless to say, these beards will come in other colors, as you can see below…

There are also different styles…

So whether you like a short, plain beard, or a long moppy one, I can make a beard that will fit you (physically and meta-physically… thank Si for that). We will also have a few of these at the Crafty Christmas show. Oh, and I garauntee that they will keep your face warm… I have personally tested them!


Want 10% off your entire purchase for Crafty Christmas…

Then keep reading this blog! All the information you are going to need in which to get 10% off your entire purchase at Crafty Christmas (our craft show for BigHouse) in downtown Opelika on November 29th from 6pm-9pm! I’m going to start this blog off by telling the story of Jack and Jill and how we came to be and then I’ll get into the whole how to get 10% off your entire purchase!

About this time two years ago Phillip and I were both wondering what we could do for everyone for Christmas presents! It’s not like everyone is easy to buy for and it’s not like said gifts are cheap! I had started reading a book series by Debbie Macomber and it was about a lady who had started a knitting shop and she had knitting forth and so on! Anyway I got the bug to learn how to knit! If for nothing else then to actually just know how to knit. I’ve been married to Phillip for three years and in the year we had been married his desire for hobbies started creeping on me, so knitting was going to be my hobby!

It just kind of exploded from there and not only do we knit now, we crotchet, crosstitch, make hand tied blankets, sew purses, make fabric coasters….let’s just say if we can figure it out then we are making it! This is where you want to read about Crafty Christmas!

BigHouse is doing a craft show in November and we are apart of it. It’s our very first craft show and we are totally excited about it and we want all of our fans, who can, to come out and meet us and enjoy the first booth we will have! Everyday, starting today until November 29th we will post a blog…it might be about something we’ve made or just about us in general! Anyway, in one of the blogs ( I don’t know which one yet) there will be a hidden coupon! You have to read the blog, you have to print out the coupon (or show it to us on your phone), and you have to use it at Crafty Christmas…it won’t be any good after that! I’m going to be mean and only post on here and share the blog on the Jack and Jill Crafts page on Facebook and through Twitter, so that we can hopefully get our fan base up and really get the word out about us!! So that’s it…just keep checking back…it’ll be hidden somewhere within one of the blogs, I’m just not sure when…but once we hide it I will post a blog that we’ve hidden you might have to check back within blogs you’ve already read to find it 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas (oh and happy shopping)~H